A revolutionary, cloud-based medical imaging platform

Strategy and planning by Cameron Hermens
Design and project management by Gerald Briones
Development by Cameron Hermens

Visit website is a web-based, massively scalable, and secure cloud platform that delivers instant access to medical images with diagnostic workstation performance in a web browser. In some ways, you can think of it as the Dropbox of medical imaging. After we completed the rebuild of their parent company website, Nucleus was eager to begin developing a new website for their flagship product, While their internal team was gearing up to launch the app/platform side of things, we were tasked with building the consumer-facing side of the website.

We needed to develop an effective means to communicate what was and who it was for, while encouraging users to sign up for more information and request product demos. After several hours of thoughtful collaboration, we developed a site architecture that would enable us to speak to both primary and secondary audiences:

From there, we went through multiple rounds of UI design:

After design was finalized, we developed the site within two weeks in order to hit a media deadline. Despite the tight timeline, we were still very thoughtful with our templates. We developed with an eye on optimization, making sure pages loaded quickly for all users and leveraging a content delivery network (CDN) for all static assets. We also made sure Nucleus could easily swap out copy and imagery without us having to dig back into the code, developing a custom, flexible content system to add entirely new pages and sections with ease.

One aspect of the site that was particularly fun from a development standpoint was the home page hero area. Above all else, Nucleus wanted to communicate the ease and accessibility of streaming medical images anywhere. So we built an interactive, 3D carousel on top of a slideshow to allude to streaming — no matter where you might be located.

Overall, Nucleus was extremely satisfied with the outcome of their project. After launch, they continued to leverage our expertise to improve the website. We have since added several new page templates, enhanced functionality and search engine optimization techniques to ensure they continue to reach the right audience.