Organik SEO

Redefining a brand through design and content marketing

Branding by Cameron Hermens
Design and project management by Gerald Briones
Development by Cameron Hermens

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Organik SEO is a digital marketing agency located in Carlsbad, California, and my most recent workplace. They are focused on supporting the growth and success of purpose-driven brands and organizations, and primarily provide services in search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and paid advertising.

Over the course of two years as lead developer, I led the web department. As soon as I was hired, I recognized the tremendous opportunity they had as an agency, yet to realize their full potential in web. Initially, I knew we needed to make time to reconsider both the brand and its story, so I decided to begin crafting a new logo.

To be frank, the logo was terribly outdated. Later, my boss would admit he spent something like fifteen minutes creating it, however many years ago.

After considering what I had to work with, I came up with the following opportunities:

  • It used a generic typeface
  • The logo was a bit crowded (both the leafmark and the text)
  • The color palette needed a refresh

One thing I liked about it was the leafmark. It was distinct and worked well within the rest of the brand story, so I decided to focus on that first:

I had never designed a logo for an actual company before. Sure, I’d played around with my own personal “brand,” but nothing that ever felt this serious. I decided to use my love of math and geometry to create something that felt intentional to me. Subjectively, it seemed to work and make sense to me, so I went with it.

The final step was picking out a modern typeface and making some small adjustments in Illustrator to make it feel holistic:

Afterwards, I looked at it and thought to myself, “Self, that’s not half bad.” Turns out my boss liked it too. We did some testing, got positive feedback and decided to go with it.

BOOM! Rebranded.

Well… not quite. We still had a website to redo, new business cards and other print assets to order, and tons of old marketing materials that needed to be updated to reflect the new branding. If I thought the rebranding was done as soon as the boss approved the new logo, I was sadly mistaken.

Over the course of the next year, we worked diligently on a new website, capabilities deck and gradually updated our old marketing materials to reflect the new brand. The website in particular seemed to take forever, but we made sure to be intentional and review our decisions to make sure they were the right ones. Gerald did an amazing job on the Organik design in particular, even going so far as to design custom icon sets (a specialty of his):

We launched the redesigned website in Q1 2018, and boy, was it sorely needed. The previous website was completely static outside of the blog, which was powered by WordPress. Now, we had a tool that enabled us to easily update almost any aspect of the website without having to touch the code. We had a website that truly showcased our abilities as an agency. We had a more modern look and feel. We had a section to showcase case studies of our previous work. Between the branding and website, we spent nearly two years reinventing ourselves as an agency.

And I truly believe the work speaks for itself.